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15 Money Murdering Mistakes

No Medical Billing Company Would Dare To Tell You!

(Plus, The Mistake That Will Kill Your Practice)

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15 Money-Murdering Mistakes

No Medical Billing Company Would Dare To Tell You!

(Plus, The Mistake That Will Kill Your Practice)

Written in a clear and accessible style, this 26-page eBook empowers healthcare providers with essential insights, including:

  • How to Maximize Revenue without Changing Your Medical Services: Discover the hidden strategies to boost your practice's income without altering your services.

  • You Need Flawless Coding, Right? WRONG!: Uncover why flawless coding isn't enough and how it could cost your practice.

  • 7 Ways to Prevent Claim Denials and Boost Revenue: Unlock the secrets to avoiding claim denials and maximizing your practice's revenue.

  • Where to Find the Fortune in Unpaid Claims: Explore where the overlooked treasure of unpaid claims lies and how to claim it.

  • How to Eliminate Billing Errors and Supercharge Your Income: Learn how to eradicate billing errors and skyrocket your practice's income.

  • What You Should Never Assume About Your Reimbursements: Find out the surprising truths about reimbursements you should never assume, and their impact on your practice.

  • Say Goodbye to Revenue Leakage with These Proven Strategies: Bid farewell to revenue leakage using battle-tested strategies that keep your finances intact.

  • The Dirty Truth About Coding Guidelines Unveiled: Discover the truth behind coding guidelines that no one dares to reveal.

  • Have You Been Ignoring Your Denied Claims? (And Could It Be Ruining Your Practice?): Explore the critical impact of ignoring denied claims and how it might be undermining your practice's success.

  • The Ins and Outs of Coordination of Benefits (COB) Errors: Navigate the complex realm of COB errors and how they might be silently draining your practice's revenue.

  • Uncover the Myth of Pre-Authorization and Its Revenue Ramifications: Break down the myth surrounding pre-authorization and its potential effects on your practice's bottom line.

  • Decode the Mystery of Bundling and Unbundling Errors: Demystify the intricate world of bundling and unbundling errors and their financial implications.

  • Are Upcoding and Downcoding Affecting Your Revenue?: Learn how upcoding and downcoding might be affecting your practice's financial health and reputation.

  • The Balance Billing Blunder and the Legal Consequences You Must Know: Navigate the legal minefield of balance billing and the risks it poses to your practice.

Drawing on industry expertise and real-life experiences, "15 Money-Murdering Mistakes No Medical Billing Company Would Dare to Tell You" transforms the intricacies of medical billing into an empowering resource.

Secure your practice's financial foundation today.

By unraveling the mysteries of medical billing, you're not just safeguarding revenue – you're safeguarding your ability to provide quality care to your patients.

Get your copy now and join the ranks of healthcare providers who navigate the world of medical billing with confidence and precision.


Dear friend,

Today, we want to share a truly unique story - our story.

It's a tale of friendship, separation, loss, and an unexpected reunion that led to a mission to transform healthcare and help those in need.

In the early 1980s, we were just college friends. Don always knew what kind of special person Rebecca was and wanted the relationship to be more. Rebecca, well, she didn’t have the same vision for our relationship. She kept Don squarely in the friend zone.

We drifted apart, got married, and had families. After 35 years, we reconnected through Facebook. Rebecca was moving to Baltimore several years after her husband passed away, and Don was getting a divorce.

In an unexpected twist, Rebecca invited Don to join her in Baltimore in 2018.

Our lives were quite different before we reunited. Rebecca had more than 20 years of experience in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and medical billing. She was really good at helping healthcare providers get paid by insurance companies and others. She had personally billed over 100,000 medical claims, making a lot of money for healthcare providers.

Don was more of a business expert. He knew how to make companies work better and keep employees happy. He'd even written business books published on Amazon.

But when we saw how bad the opioid crisis was in Baltimore, with people suffering from addiction, we wanted to help.

Together, we focused on helping the heroes who work in places that help people with addiction and mental health issues. But to do that, these healthcare providers needed to get as much money as they could from insurance companies and programs like Medicaid and Medicare. The more money they got this way, the less they had to ask patients to pay.

This was really important because many of these patients were struggling with addiction, and they needed help, not high bills.

Working in the same office, Don learned all about revenue cycle management from Rebecca, and Rebecca learned about managing employees and running companies from Don. We were passionate about making a difference in the behavioral healthcare world.

We have both been deeply affected by the pain of suicide and addiction in our own families.

We combined our expertise and passion to co-author two essential books: "15 Money-Murdering Mistakes No Medical Billing Company Would Dare To Tell You: Plus, The Mistake That Will Kill Your Practice" and "Slay The Claims Denial Dragon: How To Reverse As Many Denied Insurance Claims As Wizardly Possible." The first book outlines a verified system to prevent claim denials, while the second one is an effective and proven system for reversing denied insurance claims.

It's ten times harder to reverse a claim denial than to prevent the denial in the first place.

Today, we're known as The Revenue Recovery Wizards. We do one thing, the hard thing — reverse denied, rejected, and unpaid insurance and Medicaid claims for toxicology labs and behavioral healthcare providers.

What does this mean for you?

1. We work ten times as hard to recover your revenue, which is at risk of being lost forever due to other priorities and timely filing deadlines.

2. We work with your current revenue cycle management team; we do not replace them.

3. We do not get a penny until we reverse your denied, rejected, and unpaid insurance and Medicaid claims.

Our overarching message is simple - when healthcare providers receive fair compensation for their services, it translates to better care for those in need.

Our story is about two people who got a second chance and together are making the world a better place for people who need care.

With kind regards,

Rebecca and Don, The Revenue Recovery Wizards

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